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Bonus Hole

This alluring coin pusher has the patented "Bonus Hole" feature built right inside! Bonus coins fall through the bonus hole on the playfield and build up in the bonus bucket below. When the bonus bucket fills up it dumps the contents to the front win cup for the player.

Silver Strike Bowling

While Silver Strike has been online for years in Silver Strike Bowler's Club, Silver Strike LIVE takes the online component to the next level. As was the case with SSBC, players still have the ability to track their stats and averages. New, however, to Silver Strike is the ability for players to compete against one another in LIVE tournaments! Aside form the addition of Prize Play, Silver Strike LIVE also provides players with the opportunity to customize their equipment and bowlers. There is also an entire different game mode, Spare Challenge, which really tests a player's ability to pick up tricky spares.